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ANDREWS ESTATE’ Handel Avenue Worongary EXCEPTIONAL 270 DEGREE VIEWS ELITE ESTATE – OPTIONAL DUAL LIVING Eagle’s nest elevation saturates this. EXCEPTIONAL 270 DEGREE VIEWS ELITE ESTATE – OPTIONAL DUAL LIVING Eagle’s nest elevation saturates this sleek, completely renovated two level home with some of the.It's been 27 years since 'Rosies – Friends on the Street' first began changing the lives of. Page 6 - Gold Coast Seniors - May 2014. savings.then start fundraising to help fight Qld cares for each year. animal cruelty. on 5525 2899 or call in to Shop 30/1 Mudgeeraba Road, Worongary Town Centre.Pa PROPRIETORS PUGH'S ALMANAC, LIMITED, 39 ADELAIDE STREET. Veterinary Surgeons to in spect Stock Weal her Bureau 1 44 40 156 42 38 127 81. 20 5 13 2 Nerang 49 6 7 4 5 Thalanga 123 21 7 13 10 Worongary Mudgeeraba 54 7 4 4. CLERK OF PETTY SESSIONS Acting— Acting-Sergeant H. Handel.Auction Location Onsite. Character filled residence situated in the highly sought after and securely gated St Andrews Heights Estate. Set on a completely fenced impressive useable parcel of approximately 3,331m2, this property is an ideal option for the handy people at heart with some finishing touches required for the home to be restored to its former glory. Onetwotrade app android xda. ■ i SLATER 1 Queensland DIRECTORY AND GAZETTEER, I9O4. % & principal Contents : DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING A WILL; MONTHLY CALENDAR OF REMARKABLE EVENTS ; of Sunrise and Sunsets; Moon's Rising and Setting ; Table of High Water at Brisbane Bar; Anniversaries and Festivals ; Hebrew Fasts and Feasts ; Gardening Calendar and Diary ; Diary for each Month, with Proper Lessons for each Sunday ; OFFICIAL DIRECTORY OF QUEENSLAND : nmonwealth and State Departments; Police Magistrates; Clerks of Petty Sessions; Commissioners for taking Affidavits ; Justices of the Peace ; Registrars and Assistant Registrars of Births, Marriages and Deaths; NAMES AND STATIONS OF SHEEP DIRECTORS AND INSPECTORS OF BRANDS; POSTAL, MONEY ORDER, AND TELEGRAPHIC INFORMATION ; stal Gazetteer of all Post Towns, Money Order Oflices, Savings Bank, Telegraph and Railway Stations in Queensland ; r. Shipping Signals in use at the various Ports ; Summary of Events for 1902-3 ; i Obituary for 1902-3 ; I JLWAY INFORMATION ; STATIONS, FARES, PARCEL AND GOODS RATES ; I OMNIBUS AND CAB FARES; l COMMONWEALTH TARIFF; STAMP DUTIES; 'COUNTRY GAZETTEER AND DIRECTORY OF THE PRINCIPAL TOWNS IN QUEENSLAND. Pa PROPRIETORS : PUGH'S ALMANAC, LIMITED, 39 ADELAIDE STREET. (All communications to be addressed to "The Secretary.") PUBLISHERS : GORDON and GOTCH, QUEEN S T R E E T, B R I S B A N E. Marriage after making a will renders the will void, and necessitates another being made.

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Domain has 924 Real Estate Properties for Sale in Worongary, QLD, 4213 & surrounding suburbs. View our listings & use our detailed filters to find your perfect home.Handel Av, Worongary QLD 4213 has 68 properties with 1 currently on the market. View the full sale history online. Thinking of making a move?Commercial podium to the street, topped by six levels of hotel covering just. Worongary Town Centre Shop 30/1 Mudgeeraba Rd, Worongary. Animal life focuses on the few waterholes scattered in the vast empty landscape. ages 17 to over 80—filled the hall with music ranging from Handel, Bach and. Metatrader 4 overlay indicators. I DECLARE that so long as my wife lives and continues unmarried the power of appointing new trustees con- ferred bv statute shall be exercisable by her. I DECLARE that if at any time or times during the widow- hood of my wife the annual income of my estate shall be less than £ , it shall be lawful for the trustees or trustee for the time being of this my will to raise • ut of the capital thereof and pay to my widow such a sum as will make her income up to t a year. I DECLARE that the trustees or trustee for the time being of this my will shall have a discretionary power to postpone for such period as to them or him shall seem ex- pedient the sale calling in or conversion of any parts of my real or personal estate, but the unsold real estate and the outstanding personal estate shall be subject to the trusts hereinbefore contained concerning the in- vestments aforesaid, and the rents and yearly produce thereof shall be deemed annual income for the purposes of such trusts, and the unsold real estate shall be deemed to be converted as from the time of my death, and be transmissible as per- sonal "estate accordingly. DESIGNS AND PRICES FORWARDED ON APPLICATION- GANNON & CRIPPS, Undertakers, Grave Ornaments, Wreaths, Town Office - - 401 George Street (near Tank St.) Valley Office - - Wickham Street (near Gipp St.) South Brisbane Office - Stanley Street (near Vulture St.) Best Polished Cedar and Carved English Oak Coffins ahvays in Stock.

Provided that if any child of mine shall die in my life- time, leaving issue, who shall survive me, and who being male shall attain the age of twenty-one years, or being female shall attain that age, or marry under that age, such issue shall take, and if more than one, equally between them, the share which their, his, or her parent would have taken of and in any residuary estate if such parent had lived to attain a vested interest. And from and after her death as to the capital and in- come of the same investments UPON TRUST for my children in equal shares, the respec tive shares of such children to be abso- lutely vested on my death. And UPON FURTHER , TRUST to invest the money arising from the I sale calling in and conversion thereof in the j names or name of the trustees or trustee for the time being of this my will; And to I pay the annual income of such investments to my wife during her life. Handel polski z niemcami. On the question of whom to appoint exe- cutors or trustees, attention is directed to the advantages of appointing a permanent institution like Queensland Trustees Limited, whose advertisement appears on the opposite page. AND I APPOINT the said (name) sole exe- cutor of this my will. And as to all the rest of my estate and effects, both real and personal, I de- vise and bequeath the same unto and to the use of my trustees UPON TRUST to sell, call in and convert into money my real and resi- duary personal estate. THE CHARGES are less than the Court usually allows to private executors. A witness need not know the contents of the will, as the will may be so folded that the signature and Attestation Clause alone may be seen. — Will giving to one absolutely all THE TESTAT Oll'S REAL AND PERSONAL ESTATE. I DEVISE and BEQUEATH all my real and personal estate unto (devisee's name, residence, and quality) absolutely. I BEQUEATH to mv wife (name) all the household furniture, plate, linen, china, glass, hooks, pictures, prints, provisions, and other household effects belonging to me at the time of my death, and a legacy of £ , to be paid to her out of the first moneys coming to the hands of my execu- tors. In compliance with the Company's Act, the sum of 4320,000 is invested in the name of the State Treasurer as security for the faithful performance of duties entrusted to the Company. An executor or trustee appointed by a will may, however, act as an attesting witness. (testator's name, residence, and quality), hereby REVOKE all testa- mentary writings heretofore executed by me, and declare this to be my last will made and executed on the day of 19 . B., of &c, as his last will, in the presence of us present at the same time, who, at at his request, in his presence, and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as attesting witnesses. THIS IS THE LAST WILL of me (testa- tor's name, residence, and quality). all testamentary instruments here- tofore executed by me, and I APPOINT and Tor Queensland Trustees Limited], hereinafter called " my trustees." executors and trustees of this my will. Under the Company's Special Act, it may be appointed to undertake any of the following duties : — Executor, Administrator, or Trustee under Wills, Marriage, or other Settlements ; Attorney or Agent in the management or realisation of Estates ; Guardian of the Person and the Estate of any Infant, Liquidator or Official Liquidator of any Company ; Trustee in Insolvency ; or Committee in Lunacy. The witnesses should not be in any way beneficially interested in the will, as any beneficial gift, legacy or appointment by the will to an attesting witness, or to the husband or wife of an attesting witness (ex- cept a charge for payment of debts) is void. — Will of a married man giving the INCOME OF HIS PROPERTY TO HIS WIFE ; SUBJECT THERETO, THE CAPITAL EQUALLY AMONG HIS CHILDREN, THE CHILDREN OF A DECEASED CHILD TAKING THEIR parent's SHARE.

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AS IT TAKES NO OTHER BUSINESS WHATEVER, it is not only free from any element of speculation, but provides for the public a permanent and guaranteed system of skilled management under the direct supervision of the Supreme Court. A full attestation clause is given in the forms below, and its use in all cases will probably save a lot of trouble. (Next Bank of New South Wales) This Company was incorporated by Special Act of Parliament in 1888 solely for the purpose of acting in the capacities and of performing the duties undermentioned. A will should be made in the plainest lan- guage possible ; it must be written with ink on paper or parchment, and must be signed at the foot or end thereof by the testator (the person who makes the will) or some other person, in his presence, and by his direction, and the testator must make or acknowledge such signature in the presence of two or more witnesses, who must be present at the same time and attest and subscribe the will in the testator's presence. £4,000 Trustees Buildings, 41 Queen St, , Brisbane AGENCIES IN ALL THE PRINCIPAL TOWNS IN QUEENSLAND. Interactive brokers trader workstation linux. 15-1 Benevolent Asylum, Dunwich 42 | Bicycle Regulations . 42 Commissioners for Affidavits 40 Commonwealth Departm's 44 Consuls in Brisbane . Criminal Investigation De- partment 48 Crown Land Rangers .

Property data for 46/12 Handel Avenue, Worongary, Qld 4213. Get sold price history for this unit & median property prices for Worongary, Qld 4213We have 93 results for Vets & Veterinary Surgeons in WORONGARY, QLD available in the Yellow Pages® directory. You can refine and sort your search for WORONGARY Vets & Veterinary Surgeons by distance, specialty or service options.Suite 6, Hallmark Centre, 107-111 Minjungbal Drive, Tweed Heads South, NSW. 2486. P 07 5523 4371. Connect A Vet works with a group of younger war veterans who are receiving a disability. Mudgeeraba Showground Hall, 115 Mudgeeraba Rd, WORONGARY QLD 4213. 31 Handel Ave, WORONGARY QLD 4213. Panke autohandel berlin. [[ 40 Grammar Schools, Brisbane 155 Health Department . 1 High Water at Brisbane Bar — See each Month's Calendar. 43 Justices authorised to marry 78 Justices of the Peace .

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39 Licenses 148 Live Stock Rates, Railway 94 Marine Board . 157 Pacific Island Labor Office 40 Packet Post 106 Parcel Rates, Railway ..98,86 Parliament . 103 Postal Notes 110 Postal Rates 108 I'ost & Money Order Offices 114 Page Principal Articles of the Calendar Prisons Public Lands Department Public Places & Buildings Public Works Department Queensland, State of Queensland Land Forces. Handel z chinami przez internet. Hates of Postage Railway Department Railway (General Informa- tion) Railway Stations Registrar of Titles Office. Registrar-General's Office Registration of Births, &c. Sheep Directors Sheriff's Office Shipping Signals, Brisbane ,, Bundaberg Cleveland Bay 101-2 „ Endeavour R. Sunday Lessons — see Diary and Memoranda for each Month.

Signals, Queensland Ports Societies and Clubs Stamp Duties Stamp Office State Farms Statistics of Queensland . Succession Duties Summary of Events Sun's Rising and Setting each Month's Calendar. 43 Supreme Court Townsville 43 ,, Rockhampton Survey of Land Telegraph Rates Telegraph Regulations Telegraph Stations Telegram by Telephones Telephones Timber Rates, Railway . Veterinary Surgeons to in spect Stock Weal her Bureau 1 44 40 156 42 38 127 81 81 103 42 81 114 43 43 SO 43 100 101 101 101 155 145 43 42 38 149 151 -see 43 40 . Albert Hotel 156 Atthow & Mc Gregor, 102, 158, 215 Cannon & Cripps . Forex candlestick tutorial. City and Suburban Parcel Delivery Co., Rockh'mpt'n 200 Dental Rooms, Thomason's front cover Federal Hotel, Thursday Island 207 Graham & Hunter . Lawson & Johnston, Top and i Bottom Lines, Diary Pages, Back of Book, and Page xii. H., Thursday- Island 207 Thomason, Chater, Ltd., front cover Thumm, E.

6 handel avenue worongary vet

Governor and Commander-in-Chief— His Excellency Sir Herbert C. The total quantity of coal won was 501,531 tons, valued at £172,286, and the figures for the respective quantities and values of other minerals won are :— Tin, 2,085 tons, £116,171 ; silver, 701,312oz., £70,145; lead, 267 tons, £2,706 ; copper, 3,784 tons, £189,200 ; opal, £7,000; wolfram, 55 tons, £1,167 ; manganese, 4,600 tons, £16,989; bismuth, 1 ton, £123; molybdenite, 41 tons, £5,502 ; lime, 4,743 tons, £3,672 ; gems, £5,000- 89 GOVERNMENT OF QUEENSLAND. In fruits, 5,226 acres were cultivated, yielding 1,160,015 bunches of bananas ; 1,101 acres yielding 260,444 dozen pines, and 3,515 acres yielding 1,191;242 dozen oranges, while 2,284,404 lbs. Mining.- The total yield of gold from all the mines in the State during 1902 was 860,453oz. Power options vista not working. 196 VETERINARY INFIRMARY, For Horses, Cattle, Dogs, &c, &c. The total expen- diture on primary education during the year 1902 was £261,317 6s. Agriculture.— The area under su^ar cultiva- tion in 1902 was 85,338 acres, the yield being 641,297 tons of cane for crushing. — The stock returns for 1902 were : — Horses, 399,122 ; horned cattle, 2,543,471 ; sheep, 7,213,985 ; pigs, 77,202. During the year 1902 there were carried 23,444,537 letters, 13,127,606 newspapers, 7,453,165 packets, and 303,427 parcels. 9d.; the expenditure (inclusive of the Telegraph Department), was £420,903 17s. Education.— There were on January 1st, 1903, 1008 public schools in operation, viz.:— 449 State schools, 556 provisional schools, and 3 reform- atory schools, taught by 1,143 male teachers and J, 247 female teachers. The average attend- ance at such schools was 72,809—38,059 boys and 34,750 girls. POSTAL.— On January 1st, 1903, there were 1,300 Post and Receiving offices.

6 handel avenue worongary vet

The total revenue for the year 1902 amounted to £110,133 6s. During the year there were transmitted 1,256,765 messages, and 223,253 messages were received into Queensland. Vice-President of Executive Council, Chief Secretary, and Secretary for Railways . Rbvkniik.— The revenue for the year ending 30th June, 1903, was £3,526,465. Id., showing an Excess of Expenditure over Revenue of £191,341 5s. The principal heads of State revenue for the years 1902-19-1902 were as under :— 1902-1903 1901-1902 £ s. £381,960 ; hides and skins, £346,267 ; tallow, £214,188; sugar, £934,932; fruit, £126,262 ; pearlshell, £129,690 ; tin (ore and smelted), £131,587 ; copper (ore, smelted, and matte), £206,540 ; silver, £87,574 ; oysters and beche-de-nier, £37,309 ; timber, £23,271. — The gross receipts for the year ending June 30, 1903, were £1,288,335 14s. There were carried during the year 4,328,242 passen- gers (exclusive of season ticketliolders), and 1,679,804 tons of goods. Electric Telegraph.— On January 1st, 1903, there were 476 telegraph and telephone sta- tions, with 10,247 miles of line and 20,695 miles of wire. The births registered during 1902 were 7,279 males, 6,937 females— 14,216 persons ; and the deaths, 3,924 mules, 2,280 females-6,204 per- sons. £246,921 ; gold ore, con- centrates, £19,486 ; preserved meats, salt meat, frozen meat, &c, £1,567,266; wool (clean), £730,119; wool (greasy), £581,307 ; live stock. Shipping.— The direct Inward entries in 1902 of vessels of all nations comprised 780 ships, of 1,035,492 tons, and crews in all of 33,877. Hantelset welches. The estimated population on 1st January, 1903, was 513,612 persons, comprising 285,525 males and 228,087 females. Receipts from Commonwealth 905,235 3 2 904,774 15 2 141,894 14 2 Stamp Duty 131,346 3 146,512 1! The principal Ex- ports were (Jold (in dust and bars), £2,457,439 ; gold (cyanide). It was discovered by Captain Cook in May, 1770; first settled in 1824; and erected into an independent Colony on December 10th, 1859. The figures shown by the census taken on 31st March, 1901, were 280,092 males and 223,174 females, giving a total of 503,266 persons. 80,254 10 10 66,204 7 11 Totalisator Tax 10,002 6 2 7,073 it 52,190 7 3 56,980 1 Land Revenue . 7,007 2 5,335 12 3 Railways 1,245,914 8 7 1,316,828 13 1 Harbour Rates. 23,949 14 7 24,833 10 4 35,044 6 31,959 13 5 Fines and b 'rf 't's 3,922 11 3,746 14 5 State, Misc'llmi's 279,424 4 7 395,514 15 3 Exports and Imports.— During 1902 the Ex- ports (inclusive of live stock overland) amounted to £9,171,023, and the Imports amounted to £7, 352,538. The Christmas Vacation shall commence on Monday, 19th December, 1904, and end on Saturday, 11th February, 1905. Its extreme length from North to South is 1,300 miles, its breadth 800 miles, the coast line being about 2,500 miles. — According to the census taken in 1891 the population was estimated at 223,779 males and 169,939 females— a total of 393,718. 303,703 11 304,789 15 5 47,816 11 51,197 1 4 Agriculture ....