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View our selection of featured hotels in Oberharz am Brocken; Use the map to find hotels in the Oberharz am Brocken neighborhood you prefer; Use the filters to see hotels in a specific area of Oberharz am Brocken, select a specific theme, brand, or hotel class from basic 1 Star to luxury hotels 5 Stars in Oberharz am BrockenSave on popular hotels in Harz National Park Browse Expedia's selection of 1782 hotels and. Holiday Homes im Schierke Harzresort am Brocken, Schierke.Enter your dates and choose from 2,250 hotels and other places to stay. Stay in Harz's best hotels. What are the best hotels in Harz near Brocken? Some of.Enjoy the stunning view over the Harz mountains from the highest-located hotel in northern Germany. Brockenhotel. To breath the fresh air of the unspoiled. The Brocken, also sometimes referred to as the Blocksberg, is the highest peak of the Harz mountain range and also the highest peak of Northern Germany; it is located near Schierke in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt between the rivers Weser and Elbe.Although its elevation of 1,141 metres (3,743 ft) is below alpine dimensions, its microclimate resembles that of mountains of about 2,000 m (6,600 ft).The peak above the tree line tends to have a snow cover from September to May, and mists and fogs shroud it up to 300 days of the year.The mean annual temperature is only 2.9 °C (37.2 °F).

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It is the easternmost mountain in northern Germany; travelling east in a straight line, the next prominent elevation would be in the Ural Mountains in Russia.The Brocken has always played a role in legends and has been connected with witches and devils; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe took up the legends in his play Faust.The Brocken spectre is a common phenomenon on this misty mountain, where a climber's shadow cast upon fog creates eerie optical effects. Real estate broker jokes. Norddeutschlands höchst gelegenes Hotel und Herberge im Nationalpark Harz auf dem Brocken 1142 m Kein Autoverkehr und einmalige Ausblicke!The Harz is a Mittelgebirge that has the highest elevations in Northern Germany and its rugged terrain extends across parts of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and name Harz derives from the Middle High German word Hardt or Hart hill forest, Latinized as Brocken is the highest summit in the Harz with an elevation of 1,141.1 metres 3,744 ft above sea level.Finding a Hotel in Oberharz am Brocken. So you're thinking about a holiday to Oberharz am Brocken? If you want a place to call home that's located close to Oberharz am Brocken attractions, use Orbitz to pick your travel dates, and then presto!

Sterne Harz-Urlaub im Torfhaus Harzresort Moderne Harz Ferienhäuser ✓ 4-Sterne Harz Hotel ✓ Brockenblick ✓ Online buchen ✓ Angebote Harzurlaub.Herzlich Willkommen im Regiohotel Am Brocken in Schierke. Die ideale. Starten Sie vom Hotel aus verschiedene Wanderungen im schönen Harz. Auch die.Bernachten in Schierke am Brocken. Unterkünfte in Hotels, Pensionen, Ferienzimmern, Ferienwohnungen vermittelt unsere Zimmervermittlung. Über 3000. Power options msc. Somewhat to the north below the summit of the Brocken is a reservoir, the Brockenteich, constructed in 1744.On or near the mountain are the source areas of the rivers Bode, Ecker, Ilse and Oder.The rounded summit of the Brocken is treeless, but vegetated with dwarf shrubs.The highest point on the Brocken reaches an elevation of .

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The ride up to the Brocken from Wernigerode takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. You change trains at the Drei Annen Hohne station part way up. Get on the Brockenbahn steam train which goes all the way to the top of the mountain. The trains run all year; a ride in the winter snow is quite beautiful as well. Steam Train Routes in the HarzHarz-Urlaub mit Brockenblick Im Torfhaus Harzresort liegt das Harz Hotel direkt am Brocken. Brockenblick auch von unseren Ferienhäusern im Harz.Ray Kershaw visits Germany's Harz Mountains, a vast sylvan. The Harz National Park is now a vast playground. The old. Brocken Hotel ££ Avatrade erfahrung. From a geological point of view the Brocken and its surrounding terrain, the Brocken massif, consists mainly of granite (called Brocken granite), an igneous rock.The granitic plutons of the Harz - the Brocken, Ramberg and Oker plutons - emerged towards the end of the Harz mountain-building phase of the Upper Carboniferous, about 300 million years ago.First, alkaline magma intruded into the overlying sediments, crystallized out and formed gabbro and diorite massifs, such as the Harzburg gabbro.

Hotel zum Sonnenhof Harz at Oberharz am Brocken, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany Find the best deals with user reviews, photos, and discount rates for Hotel zum Sonnenhof Harz at Orbitz. Get our lowest rates or cash back. And, pay no Orbitz hotel change or cancel fees.Oberharz am Brocken, Harz District Hotel Rooms at the Novum Group HotelsErleben Sie die schönsten Seiten des Harzes und lassen Sie sich von uns im Nationalpark Hochharz verwöhnen. Unserer Hotel mit seiner sehr schönen Lage. Find broken links online tool. [[The subsequent erosion of the Harz mountains that followed the uplifting of the Harz during the Upper Cretaceous saw the disappearance of the protective hornfels summit, thus exposing the granite that had crystallized underground during the Upper Carboniferous.The alleged hardness of Brocken granite is not the reason for the height of the mountain, but the geological fact that it was well protected by its weather-resistant hornfels crest for a long time before erosion set in.Only in recent geological times, since the tertiary period, did the typical, rounded, spheroidal weathering of granite outcrops and granite boulders of the Brocken take place.

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Such blockfields are very rare in Central Europe outside the Alps and are subject to conservation measures.They originated mainly under periglacial conditions, i.e.During the course of the ice ages, and their retreat. Remote desktop connection broker rd connection broker. Today's blockfields of Brocken granite, as well as other rocks in the Harz National Park, particularly in the Oder valley, are therefore at least 10,000 years old.Physical weathering, such as frost shattering, has played a key role in their formation, resulting in giant piles of loosely stacked rocks.In 2006, the granite blockfields of the Brocken, together with 76 other interesting geotopes, were designated as a "National Geotope".

The Brocken is a place of extreme weather conditions.Due to its exposed location in the north of Germany its peak lies above the natural tree line.The climate on the Brocken is like that of an alpine location or even that of Iceland's 1,600 – 2,200 m zone. Ge broker dealer. This is due to its short summers and very long winters, with many months of continuous snow cover, strong storms and low temperatures even in summer.The summit, however, does not have an alpine climate, as the average summer temperature is above 10 °C (50 °F).Due to its significant height difference compared with the surrounding terrain the Brocken has the highest precipitation of any point in northern central Europe, with an average annual precipitation (1961–1990) of 1,814 millimetres. The harsh climate of the Brocken makes it a habitat for rare species.

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The mountain's summit is a subalpine zone with flora and fauna almost comparable to those of north Scandinavia and the Alps.The Brocken is the only mountain in Germany's Central Uplands whose summit lies above the treeline, so that only very small spruce grow there and much of it is covered by a dwarf shrub heathland.In the Brocken Garden, established in 1890, flora are nurtured by national park employees; visitors are allowed to view it as part of regular guided tours. Vps forex surabaya. The garden does not just display plants from the Brocken, but also high mountain flora from other regions and countries.Amongst the typical species of the Brocken that are rarely if ever found elsewhere in North Germany and which occur above about are the variant of the alpine pasqueflower known as the Brocken flower or Brocken anemone (Pulsatilla alpina subsp.Alba), hawkweeds like the Brocken hawkweed (Hieracium negrescens) and the alpine hawkweed (Hieracium alpinum), vernal grasses (Anthoxanthum), the lady's mantle (Alchemilla), the tormentil (Potentilla tormentilla), the alpine clubmoss (Diphasiastrum alpinum), the lichens, Iceland moss (Cetraria islandica) and reindeer lichen (Cladonia rangiferina).

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The crowberry is also referred to here as the Brocken myrtle (Brockenmyrte).On the raised bogs around the summit of the Brocken there are e.g.Cottongrasses, sundews and the dwarf birch (Betula nana). Several animal species have adapted to the conditions of life on the Brocken.For example, the water pipit (Anthus aquaticus) and the ring ouzel both breed in the area around the summit.The viviparous lizard occurs on the Brocken in a unique, dark-colored variant, Lacerta vivipara aberr. The common frog (Rana temporaria) can also be found here. There are many beetles including ground beetles such as Amara Erratica, and hundreds of species of butterfly.