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Once a year, every Swiss Air Force helicopter pilot is deployed to the Kosovo where he or she flies for the Kosovo Force KFOR. This force is led by NATO, to uphold safety and stability in the.Axalp Live Fire Exercise Canceled after Swiss Air Force found Cracks in. The Aviation Geek Club will fly aboard Swiss Air Force helicopter to.Switzerland · Documentary · Air Ride. Swiss Air Force Eurocopter EC635 Swiss Air, Old Planes, Military Helicopter, Aeroplanes. Saved from lw.The Swiss Air Force includes American F-5 Tigers, F/A18 Hornet jets, helicopters, as well as trainer and transport aircraft and drones. Swiss Airforce - SPHAIR, mimacom, application, mimacom and Liferay. the training and career of jet/helicopter pilots and parascouts https//The history of the Swiss Air Force began in 1914 with the establishment of an ad hoc force consisting of a handful of men in outdated and largely civilian aircraft. It was only in the 1930s that an effective air force was established at great cost, capable of inflicting several embarrassing defeats on the Nazi Luftwaffe in the course of an initially vigorous defence of neutral Swiss airspace.Switzerland’s arms manufacturer RUAG has signed an agreement with the Federal Office for Defence Procurement armasuisse to upgrade the Swiss Air Force’s transport helicopters. Under the agreement, the company will modernise eight Cougar helicopters with a major focus on electronic flight control, navigation and communication systems.

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In civilian service, a next generation successor to the AS 332 was introduced in 2004, the further-enlarged Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma.In 1974, Aérospatiale commenced development of a new medium transport helicopter based on its SA 330 Puma.The project was publicly announced at the 1975 Paris Air Show. Forum mleczarskie handel. The Eurocopter AS532 Cougar now Airbus Helicopters H215M is a twin-engine, medium-weight, multipurpose helicopter developed by France. The AS532 is a development and upgrade of the Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma in its militarized form. Swiss Air ForceThe Patrouille Suisse -- part of the Swiss Air Force -- had been due to put on a demonstration honoring the centenary of the Swiss aviation.Days ago. Air Glaciers SA, HB-XCB, SA.316B Alouette 3, 1259, 1987-11, not in. Swiss Air Force, T-311, AS.332M1 Super Puma, 2216, 1987-08.

From the onset, the new rotorcraft was planned to be available with two fuselage lengths; these were a short fuselage version that offered a similar capacity to the SA 330 while providing superior performance under "hot and high" conditions, and a stretched version which allowed for more internal cargo or passengers to be carried in circumstances where aircraft weight was less critical.Flight testing revealed that in comparison with the SA 330 Puma, the AS 330 Super Puma had a higher cruise speed and range, in part due to the Makila engine having a greater power output and a 17% reduction in fuel consumption per mile.The Super Puma also demonstrated far superior flight stabilisation tendencies and was less reliant on automated corrective systems. Between July 1981 and April 1987 there was an average production rate of three helicopters per month being built for customers, both military and civil. Investitionskosten controlling. The success of the AS 332 Super Puma led to the pursuit of extended development programs to produce further advanced models.Features included lengthened rotor blades, more powerful engines and gearboxes, increases in takeoff weight, and modernised avionics.A wide variety of specialised Super Puma variants followed the basic transport model into use, including dedicated Search and rescue (SAR) and Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) versions.Military Super Pumas have been marketed as the AS532 Cougar since 1990.

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Swiss air force to work weekends from January. The Swiss air force's modest work schedule sparked controversy two years ago when the co-pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines. Swiss helicopter crash technical fault ruled out.RUAG has signed an agreement with the Federal Office for Defence Procurement armasuisse to upgrade the Swiss Air Force's Cougar.Loorholz Flight day 2019 The Swiss Air Force Display Team Visit the Loorholz Flight day with a Cougar AS532 T-334 do some Helicopter Tricks, spin's and many more. Enjoy it in Full HD. For one-time. Fuel is housed in six internal fuel tanks, additional auxiliary and external tanks can be equipped for extended flight endurance.For safety, the fuel tanks use a crashworthy plumbing design and fire detection and suppression systems are installed in the engine bay.The monocoque tail boom is fitted with tail rotor strike protection, the forward portion of the boom accommodated a luggage compartment.

The retractable tricycle landing gear is designed for high energy absorption qualities.The main cabin of the Super Puma, which is accessed via two sliding plug doors, used a reconfigurable floor arrangement, various passenger seating or cargo configurations can be adopted, including specialised configurations for medical operators.According to Airbus Helicopters, in addition to the two pilots, the short-fuselage AS332 can accommodate up to 15 passengers while the stretched-fuselage AS332 increases this to 20 passengers in a comfortable configuration. Broken wings lyrics thai. [[Soundproof upholstery is installed, as is separately-adjustable heating and ventilation systems.Along with the doors, 12 windows around the main cabin area are jettisonable for emergency exits.The lower fuselage can also be fitted with flotation gear.

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A hatch in the floor to access the cargo sling pole is present in the cabin, as is individual stowage space for airborne equipment. Principle instrumentation constitutes of four multifunction liquid crystal displays along with two display and autopilot control panels; for redundancy, a single Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS) and Vehicle Monitoring System (VMS) are also fitted.The flight control system of the Super Puma uses a total of 4 dual-body servo units for pitch control of the cyclic, collective, and tail rotor. Third party firms have offered various upgrades for the Super Puma, these have included integrated flight management systems, global positioning systems (GPS) receivers, a digital map display, flight data recorders, an anti-collision warning system, Night Vision Goggles-compatibility, and multiple radios.A navalised variant of the Super Puma has also been manufactured for performing anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare missions. In such a configuration, the Super Puma is modified with additional corrosion protection, a folding tail rotor boom, a deck-landing guidance system, sonar equipment, and the nose-mounted Omera search radar.For the anti-surface role, it can be armed with a pair of Exocet anti-ship missiles.VH-34 is the Brazilian Air Force's designation for the helicopter used to transport the President of Brazil.

Two modified Super Pumas were used as the main presidential helicopters, having been configured to carry up to fifteen passengers and three crew members.The VH-34 model was progressively supplemented and later replaced by the VH-36, the later EC725.In August 1983, the French government created a new reactionary taskforce, the Force d'Action Rapide, to support France's allies as well as to contribute to France's overseas engagements in Africa and the Middle East; up to 30 Super Pumas were assigned to the taskforce. Money management forex software. In June 1994, France staged a military intervention in the ongoing Rwandan genocide, dispatching a military task force to neighboring Zaire; Super Pumas provided the bulk of the task force's rotary lift capability, transporting French troops and equipment during their advance into Rwanda.During the 1980s, the French Army were interested in mounting an airborne battlefield surveillance radar upon the Super Puma.The first prototype Orchidée was assembled at Aerospatiale's Marignane factory and began testing in late 1988; the French Army intended to procure 20 aircraft to equip two squadrons.

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Orchidée was described as having a pulse-Doppler radar mounted on the fuselage's underside, being capable of 360-degree scanning to detect low flying helicopters and ground vehicles at ranges of up to 150 km; gathered data was to be relayed in real time to mobile ground stations via a single-channel data link for processing and analysis before being transmitted to battlefield commanders.The system was said to be capable of all-weather operation, and would feature protection against counteracting hostile electronic countermeasures.Between 20, Spanish Super Pumas were the sole type providing combat search and rescue (CSAR) and MEDEVAC cover in Afghanistan's western regions, the last of these were withdrawn in November 2013. Binary search animation. In order to replace its ageing fleet of Agusta Bell AB-205 SAR helicopters, which were in use since 1975.The need for an all-weather, day and night, long range SAR helicopter for operations throughout the Athens FIR came up after the Imia/Kardak incident of 1996 and the growing tension between Greece and Turkey over territorial water disputes on the Aegean Sea. acquired 2 more Super Pumas for air support operations of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and 6 more helicopters followed up in the period 2007–2011 for the new CSAR role of the 384 SAR/CSAR Sq.The Greek government, signed a deal with Eurocopter in 1998 H. All HAF helicopters are of the C1 version, including a 4-axis auto pilot, a NADIR type1000 navigation and mission management computer, FLIR turrets, an RBR1500B search radar, an engine anti-icing system, a hydraulic and an electrical hoist, a SPECTROLAB SX-16 searchlight, engine exhaust gas deflectors, a Bertin loudspeaker and 6 stretcher interior configuration for MEDEVAC missions.

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The Super Puma has reportedly proven to be well-suited to off-shore operations for the North Sea oil industry, where the type has been used to ferry personnel and equipment to and from oil platforms.The history of the Swiss Air Force began in 1914 with the establishment of an ad hoc force consisting of a handful of men in outdated and largely civilian aircraft.It was only in the 1930s that an effective air force was established at great cost, capable of inflicting several embarrassing defeats on the Nazi Luftwaffe in the course of an initially vigorous defence of neutral Swiss airspace. Fi prospekt handledning. The Swiss Air Force as an autonomous military service was created in October 1936.After World War II it was renamed the Swiss Air Force and Anti-Aircraft Command (Schweizerische Flugwaffe Kommando der Flieger und Fliegerabwehrtruppen) and in 1996 became a separate service independent from the Army, under its present name Schweizer Luftwaffe.The mission of the Swiss Air Force historically has been to support ground troops (erdkampf) in repelling invasions of neutral Swiss territory, with a secondary mission of defending the sovereignty of Swiss airspace.